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Benzoxazepine-Derived Selective, Orally Bioavailable Inhibitor of Human Acidic Mammalian Chitinase

Discovery and Pharmacokinetics of Sulfamides and Guanidines as Potent Human Arginase 1 Inhibitors

Discovery of selective, orally bioavailable inhibitor of mouse chitotriosidase

Boronic acid-based arginase inhibitors in cancer immunotherapy

Development of Dual Chitinase Inhibitors as Potential New Treatment for Respiratory System Diseases

Targeting Acidic Mammalian chitinase Is Effective in Animal Model of Asthma

Chitinases and Chitinase-Like Proteins as Therapeutic Targets in Inflammatory Diseases, with a Special Focus on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Discovery of OATD-01, a First-in-Class Chitinase Inhibitor as Potential New Therapeutics for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

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