Bart Lambrecht, MD, PhD

Prof. Bart N. Lambrecht is an internationally recognized expert in immunology and inflammation. He obtained an MD (1993) and PhD (1999) in Medicine at Ugent and specialized in Pulmonary Medicine (2002) at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2005 he became Professor of Medicine at ErasmusMC, and in 2007 returned to Belgium on an Odysseus grant of the Flemish government, becoming professor of Pulmonary Medicine at UGent and UZ Gent. In 2012 he became director of the VIB Inflammation Research Centre (IRC) in Gent. He is an ERC grant awardee and serves as associate editor of Mucosal Immunology, Trends in Immunology and advisory editor of Journal of Experimental Medicine. He has (co)authored more then 200 papers in the field of asthma and allergy. The thematic area of his group is centered around unraveling the role of antigen presenting cells in the lungs. In 2014, he won the famous Scientific Francqui award.

MichałBart Lambrecht, MD, PhD